Saudi Arabia

Oman 0 - Saudi Arabia 0

Our first game with the national team of Saudi Arabia where we obtained a creditable goalless draw in the attacking half. In the last two meetings they had suffered two defeats with the selection so we were facing a difficult game where you must overcome the psychological factor.

The team first used an ambitious 4-3-3 with young players and was very close to winning the game with numerous chances including a shot to the post. We have had good reviews in the press and creates an atmosphere of excitement about this new project.

Now we hope the next game against Australia with enthusiasm.

Saudi Arabia National Team

In early July Frank Rijkaard was named new coach of Saudi Arabia and with him I have joined as a member of the national team coaching staff with the rank of 2nd Coach.

It is a new challenge that we have accepted with great enthusiasm and in my case, being a national team represents an even greater challenge and more responsibility.

Our goal is to qualify for the finals of the 2014 World Cup and make the Saudi team get the best possible result.